Our rates

Econo F750GS

1-7 days: EUR 280 per day.

8-13 days: EUR 270 per day.

14 days +: EUR 260 per day.

Executive R1250GS

1-7 days: EUR 350 per day

8-13 days, EUR 340 per day

14+ days: EUR 325 per day

Including rider/passenger injury insurance, 3rd party damage insurance and a full damage insurance with deductible self risk of EUR 2000:- held on a credit card. 

The bikes are supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned full.

We can provide transport to and from the airport for EUR 110:- each way per person.

Please note that our bikes are not allowed to ride F-marked roads, without a guide provided by Biking Viking. This is due to fords and insurance rules. 

Requirements: Valid motorcycle license.

Rental rates include: 300 km mileage, two hard side cases, and insurances 


Biking viking

Biking Viking is a well 
established motorcycle rental,
which specializesin motorcycle
tours around Iceland.


Contact us

Flatahraun 31, 
220 Hafnarfjordur


Flatahraun 31, 

220 Hafnarfjordur

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat : 10:00 - 17:00

Pickup or return of motorcycle outside opening hours is possible for a fee.